Sneed IT

Unsere junge Firma basiert auf:

  • Zwei Techies
  • Visionen
  • Faszination am Entwickeln
  • Lust auf Neues
  • Spaß an Technik
  • Freundschaft
  • The Simpsons


» sneed is a common term used to describe people with extremely nerdy characteristics. Sneed's often tend to befriend other sneeds and create groups of l33t gamers who develop plans to one day conquer middle earth through the skills of a lvl 70 wizard mage.

The man who memorized pi to like 9992309470417 decimal places is a huge sneed. yet i envy him

Steve Erkel, Dexter from dexters lab, peabody, professor frink, J.R.R. Tolkien, George Lucas «
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Sebastian Birkenbeul
Sebastian Birkenbeul
Developer, , PR, Friend, Geek
Florian Schmidt
Florian Schmidt
Developer, , OP, Friend, Geek